Stypendium na udział w konferencji SBL 21-24.11.2015 w Atlancie

The Annual Meeting Travel Grant call for application is open and has been announced on the SBL website.

Please feel free to pass this information on to your individual committees and general membership so that we can really get the word out.

Also note – there is a new deadline for the application process.  We have added an ‘intent’ deadline so that we could push back the decision deadline to after the session paper decisions have been made.  It makes the decision turn around time a bit shorter but the intent will give us plenty of time to know what we are up against.

Deadline for all Annual Meeting Travel Grant application awards is as follows:
December 2014: Call for Papers opens. Annual Meeting Travel Grant application opens.
1 March 2015: Deadline – E-mail with Intention to submit and CV.
5 April 2015: Deadline – Application form and recommendation letter.
1 May 2015: Award decisions will be announced.