Nowy numer HUCA

Volumes 82-83 of the Hebrew Union College Annual are now available in print 
and electronically! You will find articles on topics ranging from the book of 
Job, to women's testimony and ecology in Jewish law, to Abarbanel's views on 
biblical historiography. Visit to find out more, including 
how to get your copy. The entire run of HUCA since 1924 is now searchable at!

"The Speech about God in Job 42:7-8: A Contribution to the Coherence of 
the Book of Job" (David Daniel Frankel, Schechter Institute of Jewish 

"Scripture as Rhetor: A Study in Early Rabbinic Midrash (Tzvi Novick, 
University of Notre Dame)

"Perception, Compassion, and Surprise: Literary Coherence in the Third 
Chapter of Bavli Ta'anit" (Devora Steinmetz, Drisha Institute)

"Women's Testimony in Jewish Law: A Historical Survey" (Ilan Fuchs, 
The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, Brandeis University)

"Majority Rule in the Jewish Legal Tradition" (Haim Shapira, 
Bar-Ilan University)

"Isaac Abarbanel's Defense of the Authority, Reliability and Coherence of 
Biblical Historiography" (Jair Haas, Bar-Ilan University)

"Ecology in Jewish Law: Between the Universal and the Particularistic: 
The Trend of Delimiting 'Environmental Laws' to the Land of Israel" 
(Shlomo E. Glicksberg, Efrata College and Bar-Ilan University)

And Hebrew articles by  Rabin Shushtri (Bar-Ilan University), Barak S. Cohen 
(Bar-Ilan University), Shalom M. Sadik (Tel Aviv University), and Moshe 
Rachimi (Orot Israel College)

Please direct any questions to Dr. Angela Roskop Erisman, Managing Director