Nowe źródła na temat Niewoli Babilońskiej

CDL Press is pleased to announce the publication of:  Documents of Judean Exiles and West Semites in Babylonia In the Collection of David Sofer Laurie E. Pearce and Cornelia Wunsch Cornell University Studies in Assyriology and Sumerology (CUSAS), Vol. 28 David I. Owen, Editor-in-Chief  pp. 364, pl. CV     ISBN 9781934309575 Price: $69

The publication by Laurie  E. Pearce and Cornelia Wunsch of the first, extra-biblical, archival source from the exiled Judean community in Babylonia in the 6th and 5th centuries BCE represents a major contribution to both Mesopotamian and Biblical studies. The volume provides complete editions, translations, copies and outstanding photographs of 103 cuneiform texts from the David Sofer Collection along with an extensive commentary on the hundreds of new personal names with Yahwistic elements that add substantially to our understanding of Judean religious beliefs during this formative period in the development of exilic Judaism. The new documents provide us with new insights into the social and economic life of the Judeans (along with others groups forcibly settled in Mesopotamia by Nebuchadnezzar II) in their own community of Al Yahudu (Jewtown) and their interrelationships with and assimilation to their West Semitic and Babylonian neighbors. The comprehensive analysis and discussion of the new data by the authors offer many additions and insights into the hitherto limited knowledge of this community, the naming practices of immigrant groups over several generations, and, by implication, how other exiles in Babylonia might have been influenced by similar experiences after being forcibly resettled in a foreign environment. This is an essential resource not only for Assyriologists, archaeologists  and historians but particularly for biblical scholars interested in the history of Judaism in its Mesopotamian context.

To order; Shipping:  Outside the U.S. individuals should consider ordering the book through to reduce the shipping charge. Otherwise, within the U.S. shipping $5, outside $40 for up to 3 copies. CDL Press, POB 34454 Bethesda MD 20827, U.S.; fax: 253-4845542; email:

EABS w tym roku w Kordobie! Czas na zgłaszanie referatów

European Association of Biblical Studies w tym roku zaplanowało doroczną konferencję w malowniczej Kordobie. Odbędzie się ona w dniach 12-15 lipca 2015. W lutym upływa termin zgłaszania referatów. EABS działa – jak na tego typu towarzystwa – dość demokratycznie. Członkowie proponują sesje tematycznie i autonomicznie odpowiadają za ich organizację. Warto odwiedzić stronę z wykazem aktualnie czynnych grup badawczych / sesji tematycznych.

Link do strony EABS z informacjami o procedurze zgłaszania wystąpień.

Toledot Yeshu – krytyczne wydanie z Mohr Siebeck

Ukazała się właśnie dwutomowa publikacja dotycząca Toledot Yeshu, w redakcji i tłumaczeniu Michaela Meerson’a i Petera Schäfer’a. Pomimo odstraszającej i zaporowej ceny będzie to konieczny zakup dla wielu profesjonalnych bibliotek.

Do książki dołączono również dostęp do zasobów on-line, których opis wygląda imponująco: In addition, the purchase of the volume offers full online access to a comprehensive database of Toledot Yeshu manuscripts, designed to encourage and facilitate further research about this important book in the history of Jewish-Christian polemics. All Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts are edited in the present book and database: an unusual combination of a traditional critical edition with an electronic research tool. The database features a full-text search of all manuscripts as well as printing and downloading capabilities. The price includes access to the database (for one simultaneous user). Access for institutions is provided through the IP address, for private individuals through username and password. An activation code is enclosed in the book. Access to a free seven day trial period can be obtained here: toledot [AT]

Link do strony wydawnictwa.

Jerusalem in Babylon – zapowiedź ważnej konferencji w Jerozolimie

THE BIBLE LANDS MUSEUM JERUSALEM in collaboration with The Israel Society for Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center presents a two-day conference: JERUSALEM IN BABYLONIA, 2-3 FEBRUARY 2015

The Jerusalem in Babylonia conference, together with the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem’s exhibition By the Rivers of Babylon, brings to life the Judean community of the Al-Yahudu settlement region by the Chebar Canal in the Babylonia of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Focusing on the newly published archive of cuneiform tablets, dating to the generations immediately after the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II, the conference will provide a first glance at the life and times of a Jewish community at the very start of the Babylonian Diaspora.

Monday 2nd February 08:30-17:30

Al-Yahudu-A First Glance (18th Annual Conference of the Israel Society for Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies)

Tuesday 3rd February 08:30-17:00     The Babylonian Diaspora: A Reassessment Lectures at the BLMJ followed by a special program at the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center in Or Yehuda

Speakers include:

Irving Finkel, The British Museum

Laurie Pearce, University of California, Berkley

Cornelia Wunsch, SOAS, University of London

Michael Jursa, University of Vienna

Paul-Alain Beaulieu, University of Toronto

Kathleen Abraham, University of Leuven

Ron Zadok, Tel-Aviv University

Jonathan Ben-Dov, Haifa University

Wayne Horowitz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Conducted in Hebrew and English   Advanced registration required. Limited places available.   Closing date for registration: 18th January 2015 For registration and fees information, please contact: Conference Coordinator at or 02-5611066   *Price: 150 NIS, 140 NIS (Students and Senior Citizens) *Entrance to the BLMJ and lectures on Monday 2nd February are free of charge courtesy of the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem and ISAANES.   PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE   This conference is made possible with the support of: The CAENO Foundation; Naomi and Peter Neustadter, Jerusalem; Cindy and David Sofer, London; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem   BIBLE LANDS MUSEUM JERUSALEM, Museum Row, 21 Stefan Wise Street, Jerusalem


Stypendium na udział w konferencji SBL 21-24.11.2015 w Atlancie

The Annual Meeting Travel Grant call for application is open and has been announced on the SBL website.

Please feel free to pass this information on to your individual committees and general membership so that we can really get the word out.

Also note – there is a new deadline for the application process.  We have added an ‘intent’ deadline so that we could push back the decision deadline to after the session paper decisions have been made.  It makes the decision turn around time a bit shorter but the intent will give us plenty of time to know what we are up against.

Deadline for all Annual Meeting Travel Grant application awards is as follows:
December 2014: Call for Papers opens. Annual Meeting Travel Grant application opens.
1 March 2015: Deadline – E-mail with Intention to submit and CV.
5 April 2015: Deadline – Application form and recommendation letter.
1 May 2015: Award decisions will be announced.